Mustache Running Club


“Run in places you love with people you like. Enjoying your surroundings and training partners will strengthen your commitment to running and bring out the best in you.” – Deena Kastor This is one of my all time favorite running quotes. This couldn’t be more true. This year has been such a radical change in […]

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Pain in the CALF

A photo by Dominik Martin.

1 month left. I have exactly one month left until the Mo Cowbell marathon. This will be my first marathon I have ever run. I really can’t put into words what this marathon means to me. I have worked so hard all summer to get to this point. I have sacrificed friday nights (no drinking […]

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head up, wings out


Long time, no see! I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I last posted to my blog. 10 months ago feels like a lifetime. I’ve had plenty of time to think about how I want to approach Jess and Tonic and had to think really hard about what I want this blog to represent. […]

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long time no see, everyone! i apologize for my long absence. i have lots of photos to share with you from our little vacation and i plan to get back into my blogging groove. can’t wait to see what all of you have been up to!

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hey guys. i’m sorry for my lack of posting lately. i feel like i’ve had to take a step back and re-evaluate a few things. i’m taking off to florida tomorrow for the beach and sunshine, and i’m hoping a little break will be good so I can come back refreshed and figure what it […]

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FullSizeRender copy

Y’all….after running 11 miles and biking 19, I am officially pooped. I can’t believe I’ve been training for this half marathon since May. When people ask me if I love running I always shrug and say it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I don’t think I’ll ever the type of runner who is experiencing some […]

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It’s Friday! TGIF. The past few weeks have been really strange, and I’d like to talk about it more at some point on the blog, but it will have to wait a bit! Lately we’ve had a spell of cooler weather which as you can see in my photos- I am SO PUMPED ABOUT. It […]

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Contrary to my lack of updates, I’m still here! The past few weeks have just flown by. Running keeps me busy (and sleepy!), but I still love posting here and checking out what’s going on with all of you! How was your weekend everyone? Mine was great, but it went by so quickly (it always […]

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I’m sorry for the delay in posting! I just feel like time get aways from me so quickly these days, especially with my running schedule. On Saturday I ran 10 miles, which is my longest run to date! It was so difficult. I woke up at 7, which was my first mistake, and it was […]

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Happy Wednesday everyone! This weekend Brock and I finally took Basquiat out and we went hiking at Devil’s Den, which is a state park only 30 minutes away from where we live. It’s been so hot the past few weekends we have avoided it, but Sunday wasn’t too bad! We packed up some adult beverages […]

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