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Y’all….after running 11 miles and biking 19, I am officially pooped. I can’t believe I’ve been training for this half marathon since May. When people ask me if I love running I always shrug and say it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I don’t think I’ll ever the type of runner who is experiencing some other worldly nirvana while running. Mostly I’m thinking about pizza. Or I’m counting down how many miles I have left…or praying I don’t have to run to a bathroom.


check out my manly husband grilling…it was pretty cute to watch him figure it out.



basquiat was not impressed and stayed as far away as possible from the grill.


The weather was so insanely nice this weekend, so we busted out our little charcoal grill and made burgers in the yard! Brock was a champ and the burgers turned out perfectly. Later that night we watched Fear The Walking Dead and really enjoyed it. I can’t put into words how excited I am about The Walking Dead new season coming up in October- are any of you fans? I love fall television! I don’t watch a ton of television, but I do have a few Sunday night shows I’m a fan of (Game of Thrones, Mad Men- sadly no more Mad Men though!).

Our beach trip is coming up very quickly and I promise I will do my best to regularly update on here and check out what all of you are up to!

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7 thoughts on “MILE AFTER MILE

  1. Good luck to you on your half marathon! I so admire runners, especially ones that set goals like that. A friend of mine just ran a 50mile race and I cannot believe what the human body can do. Puts things in perspective. Plus all that running allows you eat heartier meals like those delicious looking hamburgers and fries, right?

    xx Yasmin

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