Hump day y’all! Who’s excited about the weekend? I know I am. Brock and I were hoping to make a trip down to LR this weekend ( yummy margaritas anyone? yes please!) but I think we will have to push it for another weekend. When we visit we usually stay with his cousin, Drew, along with Drew’s wife, Celia and their sweet pup, Olive. This weekend I believe Drew’s mother in law is visiting so not many options are open if we were to bring Basquiat with us, which I would prefer, instead of having to board him at the vet’s office.


big surprise, i’m wearing my favorite crazy cat lady shoes here. i’m not ashamed of my cat lady ways, you guys.


Lately Brock and I have been watching this fun documentary series on Netflix called “The Chef’s Plate”. If you’re a huge fan of food (and come on, who isn’t) you seriously need to check it out. It’s beautifully shot and each episode centers around a specific chef. It’s been fun to watch and add these amazing restaurants to our bucket list! The only thing that stinks about watching it at night is that you’ll end up hungry…and wanting to eat sushi 10:30 at night but popcorn will have to suffice.

I know lately I haven’t really changed up locations for pictures, and my excuse is that it’s just SO HOT OUTSIDE. I’m going to scope out some fun spots in town though, this weekend to change it up! I’m also inspired by Maddy and her mouth watering recipes and I’d like to try and share more of projects at home, so I’m going to try incorporating more of that into Jess and Tonic.

Any netflix recommendations? I’m a huge fan of documentaries and horror flicks! Brock always gives me a hard time because I will force him to watch a scary movie with me but then I’m terrified to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Whoops! Hope your week is moving quickly so far- we’re almost to Friday!

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16 thoughts on “BLACK + WHITE

  1. I love this outfit because it’s very cute and simple, so it’s easy to replicate for me! Also, those shoes are just amazing! “The Chef’s Plate” sounds like such an interesting documentary and I’ll have to add it to my list of shows to watch. I’ll try not to watch it late at night because I know I’ll get hungry! haha!


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