I finally got my first pair of (real) sandals for the summer! As someone who is permanently in love with fall and colder weather (ankle boots are forever my first love) it’s kind of a big deal for me. I knew I wanted a solid pair of sandals that would last me a long time. Who wants to spend $50 on a pair of sandals at DSW only for them to fall apart a year later? Not me. I got these sweeties at Flying Possum, a local leather goods store in my town. I couldn’t love them more!



I don’t have much to report, really. It’s been SO hot here, that I’ve been staying inside mostly, other than getting up at 5AM to go running before work. This weekend I ran 8.35 miles (woo!). October 4th will be here before I know it…so if any of you have words of wisdom or tips on how to tackle your first 1/2 marathon, please share! I’m trying not to freak out too much.



Right now I’m mostly antsy about our upcoming beach trip. Any good book reccs? Right now I’m rereading The Hobbit and will probably reread the Harry Potter series for the billionth time. Do you have any upcoming trips? Trying to squeeze in one last trip before school starts up? I’d love to know where you are going! And remember- if you’re ever in the good ol’ South, let me know!

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13 thoughts on “BIRKENSTOCK

  1. I love ankle boots too but I also love sandals, I find there are so much more variety when it comes to summer footwear. Those burka are great – Theyre really cute and look super comfy!!!

  2. Oh girl, let me share a tip for shopping at DSW. You only buy brands there, that you know, have quality about them. For instance, some Nine West shoes work well for me. So I purchase them there because it’s just cheaper. Loving these cute sandals though. I so need new sandals now :).

    Kia / House of KTS

    1. you won’t regret it! there are so many cute new styles now too. if you want a pair, I would shop pretty soon because I was told they only sell a particular style for so many months out of the year and then they stop selling it until the next season.

  3. I love this style of birks! I have to confess, I have three (THREE) pairs of birkenstocks: one white two-strap sandal, one black two-strap sandal, and brown clogs.

    I have a shoe problem, I know. But I’m so glad you love yours! They look SUPER cute on you.

    ps – You’ll be fine for the half! just remind yourself that a) it’s ok to walk, and b) a lot of it is pushing yourself mentally. Also I always take one little cup of gatorade, or whatever sports drink they push on you, and one cup of water at every water station. If you sip that much and keep moving, you won’t get a cramp but you’ll stay decently hydrated without taking your own water bottle!

    1. Dayum girl! Well i have alot of catching up to do, apparently. Thanks! They are so comfy and easy to throw on. Congrats AGAIN on finishing your 1/2, you are incredible!! I know I get waaay too hard on myself and at the end of the day, who cares if I have to walk a little bit? My brain is the ultimate troll when I’m running, ha. I’m just ready for race day to get here! I heard you guys had pretty good weather for your race!

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