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Hot. Hot. HOT. We have truly dived head first into the depths of hell summer. In Arkansas we have maybe 2 weeks of spring weather and it’s nice (aside from all the pollen) and then the next thing you know it’s 91 degrees everyday with 88% humidity. Geez! I don’t know about y’all, but I really miss my fall wardrobe something fierce.


I’ve had some interesting conversations lately with friends and they have been reminding me to start doing things again that I love doing. It’s easy to forget to do something creative FOR FUN, when you sit in front of a computer all day doing something creative for work.

One of my first jobs outside of college primarily involved designing wedding invitations. A bulk of them were all done by hand, and I LOVED doing it. It may have been stressful and labor intensive (so many paper cuts!) at times, but it felt rewarding to see the final product and even better- to see a big smile on the bride’s face.I love hand lettering and creating things by hand, so I am going to bravely step into the Etsy world and try my hand doing wedding invitations again. I know it’s a pretty saturated market, but I think I can stand out from the crowd. Today I have been brainstorming names for the shop, which has been harder than I thought it would be.


Do any of you have experience with Etsy? If so I would love to hear any tips you might have!

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15 thoughts on “BAD HAIR DAY

  1. Yayyyy I can’t WAIT to see your Etsy shop! Honestly it’s really hard to break into a market on there (knitting is the same way) BUT I definitely think opening your own shop is something that is SO worth it. You can do it! 🙂 Just remember, trial and error, and you can always change things up, and figure out what works best for you. I don’t profess to be an expert, but if you ever want to chat etsy, let me know!

  2. How exciting, a huge ‘GOOD LUCK’ with your Etsy company selling handmade wedding invitations – I really hope you enjoy the process of making them too 🙂

    ps. this t-shirt is beyond perfect!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. It’s been so damn hot here as well. Right now it’s raining, but for some reason it’s still humid. But a hat can solve everything. And you look amazing in this hat. Trust me, not everyone can pull of a hat and still look casually chic. And thank you so much for the kind words you posted on my blog. If you ever need to chat about the woes of blogging, my email doors are always open :).

    Kia / The House of KTS

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