FullSizeRender copyThis week has been the longest, gloomiest week! I feel like anytime there’s a long holiday weekend the next week just drags. The constant rain we’ve been having here doesn’t help, either.

I snagged this fun dark ruby top from TJ Maxx last week! Usually when I go into TJ Maxx I get really overwhelmed but I’ve learned you can’t really go in there looking for something specific. A family friend once told me that red looked nice on me so I guess over the past few years I’ve taken that compliment to heart! The pork pie hat is from Forever 21 ages ago. It’s a lifesaver on days when I don’t feel like putting much effort into my hair (which let’s be honest…is most days.). My favorite outfits are usually just built out of simple, staple pieces that I can mix and match.FullSizeRender[2]let’s take a moment to giggle at my dog’s derpy face in this photo.FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRender[3]This morning was dreary outside so I didn’t get up to run, which I’m really regretting. My 1/2 marathon training is going alright, I suppose. A few weeks ago I had some neck problems and a family wedding so it put a dent into my training. My longest run has been 8.25 miles, but because of the neck problem and wedding, I’m having to build back up to 8.25, which is super frustrating. I know I’m way too hard on myself, and I know I still have 3 months until the race but I’m just super intimidated. Brock constantly tells me that I need to be more confident and believe in myself, and I know he’s right. My parents weren’t the best about instilling positivity in my life- I was always racked with anxiety, self doubt, and told to expect the worst. Awful way to treat yourself, isn’t it?! These days I’m trying really hard to be more positive, but old habits die hard. What about you? Do you struggle with being positive? Do you think always looking on the bright side is the best way to go? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “RUBY

  1. I really hope you find yourself feeling more positive about things in the near future, though for now perhaps feeling positive about your outfit will do some good – your hair looks great and I really like the colour of the top! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. omg I’ve never heard the phrase “pork pie hat” and I LOVE IT. Haha. It looks so cute on you! And I LOVE your new tattoo, I think that is so fun.

    re: the half marathon training, you can do it! It just takes little steps sometimes to remind yourself of how much you’ve already accomplished. 🙂

  3. That pork pie hat is soo cute! It’s perfect for those bad hair days when you’re too lazy to do anything! Hahaha!

    And I completely understand what you mean. It’s hard to be positive, even harder to stay positive. Hell, I thought I was a positive person until some events happened which made me wonder if I should be positive. But you know, we should just trudge on, and maybe then we can be a little more positive a little more everyday. ❤

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

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