Happy Tuesday! How was your long (hopefully) 4th of July weekend? Mine was nice, but it went by way too fast for my liking .

I had Friday off of work so it was super nice to sleep in a little bit (and it was my rest day so no running, yay!) and have a slow morning. The weather was somewhat finicky this weekend with spotty showers. On Saturday Brock, Basquiat and I went to my good friend’s parents house. They have a pool and plenty of land with livestock. Everyone played badminton, had some drinks, and ate some seriously delicious BBQ. I threw Basquiat in the pool to see if he could swim and he didn’t really like that…whoops! At least I finally got some use out of my swimsuit, which I bought from my sweet friend’s vintage store, Grey Dog.


I already miss the weekend! Today is dreary and rainy outside. After work I’m going to trivia with friends to hopefully defend our first place championship from last week. I hope your week has been great so far!

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