Happy Thursday! My post is a little different today (well that and I’m a bum and forgot to take photos yesterday…I need to be better about this!). I mention Brock on here quite a bit and wanted to share some photos we had taken last year by our great friend Trent of Blk Elk Media. We are really bad about getting pictures of us taken together so we knew it was overdue…


For today’s post I wanted to share a little more info about us! So I hope you enjoy the photos and silly stories.

How we met: Brock and I were both in the fine arts department studying graphic design at the University of Arkansas. I always ran into him on campus and he would smile and wave but he was a little shy so we never talked much. Fast forward a few years and ex boyfriends…we went on our first date at the movie theater and saw Slumdog Millionaire. He held my hand the first time that night…and now we’ve been together for 6 years, 4 of it married.

How Brock proposed: We bought tickets to see The National and Owen Pallett in St. Louis. The concert was amazing and the next day we visited the art museum, which we were both excited about, with our art background and love of art history. I had a feeling something was up because Brock was kind of quiet (and you guys…this man is SO LOUD) and would randomly say weird things throughout the trip. We went outside (it’s gorgeous outside the museum!) and next thing I know my guy is on his knee!



What does Brock like to do in his spare time? Brock is a senior art director at a very big advertising firm so he’s super busy during the week, but he usually likes to kick back and play Destiny and other video games. He’s also a huge basketball and college football fan. He loves to cook, makes a good steak, does silly dances all the time, but he’s also great in stressful situations and is very calm, cool, and collected. I feel like we balance each other out really well and I couldn’t be more thankful to be his wife! I know I leave shoes all over the house, worry way too much, fall asleep at 9:30 at night, buy too much stinky cheese…but he puts up with it!

I couldn’t be more happy with my little family- we love our cats, TC and Desmo, and Basquiat the Cattle Dog. We make up way too many stories about their intricate lives (Desmo runs a dry food empire and Basquiat teaches organic chem honors classes at the university…TC is just a brat).BLKELKMedia-3635

What is your family like? How did you meet your significant other if you do have one? I would love to know.

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14 thoughts on “THE ELLIOTTS

  1. This was so sweet post. Wish you happiness. Me and my husband, we met in my home city,( in Europe ) and he went back to his city (NYC). Since we were so far from each other, few months later, he proposed me on Skype LoL.
    So I missed that moment to see him on his knees asking me to marry him. xx


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