Today I woke up running a bit behind. I usually wake up by 6:45 but with the rain we got overnight, I think I just got too comfy and it was hard to climb out of bed! It’s super cloudy today, so the lighting by my office wasn’t the best…but I’m hoping for better weather in the next few days, and Brock and I are taking a road trip so I will make sure to load up on good pictures then! Do any of you use SLR cameras? Or point and clicks? Or do you just use your phone? I’ve been using my phone for most of the blog pictures but when I’m at work I’ll try and use our nicer canon camera. I have an old SLR laying around at home that I’m debating using again for blog photos, so I’d be interested in what your preferences are!


With Memorial Day coming up, I have a nice, long weekend! I also took this Friday off because on Thursday Brock and I are driving to Tulsa to see Purity Ring, which I’m super excited about!



I know yesterday I posted a quick update about hosting and trying to revamp my blog- well, trying to get hosting done was a complete NIGHTMARE. I had so many issues with Blue Host, which was recommended by Word Press, but it ultimately was not working out. The tech support there was terrible, so I threw the towel in and for now I’m going to stick with being hosted by Word Press. All that being said, I am going to work on a blog design refresh, so look forward to that! Hopefully I can have that up by the weekend.

How’s your week going so far? Have any fun Memorial Day Plans?

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14 thoughts on “OVERCAST

  1. I use my SLR to take my blog photos, but with so many different iphone/ android editing apps I can see why taking phone photos would be convenient. The polka dot top you’re wearing is so cute 🙂 Hope you figure out your hosting issues soon!

  2. Oh no that sucks you had such an awful time with BlueHost! I use them for my site but I’ve never had to call tech support so fingers crossed I won’t have to go down that road. Looking forward to hearing how Purity Ring went! Sounds like a fun trip!


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