Today I wanted to share a few more of my favorites from our recent summer shoot at work! Everything is so colorful and happy (maybe a little TOO colorful for me) and it makes me excited about warm nights out on the patio with friends, fireworks, and barbecuing.


The day of our shoot was had perfect weather, which we normally NEVER do. It’s usually a monsoon or below freezing. It got a little too hot for me though and even with sunblock on I still somehow managed to get slightly burned on the tops of my shoulders. Note to self- carry sunblock at all times!!

E12A3184 copy


All photos taken by Stephanie Wehmeyer

The girls ended their day with some much deserved ice cream. I don’t mind too much about my photo being taken but I would never want to do it ALL day! They were troopers, for sure. What summer trends are you excited about? I’m actually eying a pair of birkenstock sandals much to my surprise, but they seem so effortless and can be easily dressed up!

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19 thoughts on “SUMMER DAZE

  1. omgosh this looks like something straight out of an ad campaign and I want to buy all of the clothes haha. Where do you work that it’s so fun? I just imagined my little financial office doing this and snorted haha that’s definitely not something that would ever happen. And ahhh I LOVE berks! The number one trend I’m crazy for this summer though are chunky sandals. I bought a pair and they’re like the light of my life- I’m definitely tempted to get more!

    xo marlen
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    1. haha, thanks! i work for an online boutique called some of the stuff isn’t always my style but we do have some cute stuff and of course, its always nice to get that employee discount. ugh, well i think i just need to bite the bullet and get a pair of birks!

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