Happy (ha…) Monday y’all! Is it just me or did it feel like the weekend just flew by? I was sick on Friday with nausea and cramps. My cramps aren’t as bad as they used to be, but in early college it got so bad I missed alot of school, and one time I fainted on campus! Isn’t being a girl GREAT?

As promised, I’ve included a sneak peek or two from our summer shoot at work last week. It was the first time weather has ever cooperated with us for a shoot, but it was actually insanely hot. I was really glad I put sunblock in my purse because I burn up like nobody’s business. Our summer shoot is very bright and full of floral patterns and stripes.


Don’t these chicks look beautiful?! I have my heart set on the striped romper number. I wish I could pull off a maxi but I feel like with my short height and curves that it’s just not the best match. I’ll share some more photos later this week from our full collection!

I love all the advice you ladies gave about how to manage blogging- it can get so difficult with a full time job, family and other hobbies (exercise, drawing, etc) but I think I will definitely fit more of blogging planning in during my weekends- that way I have more time to plan outfits and really take good photos.


Right now I am absolutely in love with these Jcrew shorts. They are super comfortable and easy to throw on when you don’t know what else to wear! I think they run a little big (but hey, who’s complaining) so I wore an extra small in these. I feel very confident that these will be a summer staple.


Mr. Basquiat had to sneak in for some photos. He was very thrilled about running around outside without a leash- Brock and I are extremely lucky that he is very smart and well trained- he never runs after cars or other dogs, and immediately comes when he is called. I apologize that this post is a bit all over the place, but I will take all of your helpful comments and advice to heart!

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