Do you ever have those mornings where you panic and you suddenly think “ I have NOTHING to wear!” That’s how I felt this morning…I really think I need to get in the habit of planning ahead and laying my outfits out. The worst is when you try on four or five outfits and then you want to set your closet on fire.

However…when in doubt I usually raid my husband’s wardrobe. I’m not sure if it annoys him or not…but I’m pretty sure when we said our wedding vows “ you can also borrow my clothes” was included. My office is kind of tricky to dress for- it’s always permanently FREEZING. We have a warehouse with all of our clothing products so I suppose the warehouse workers get hot from moving around but then I’m freezing in the middle of July (it was like this last year too) and bringing sweaters to work. It’s a little too risky to just wear a sleeveless shirt without dressing in layers so I opted for a quick and easy outfit.



I LOVE my husband’s flannel and it smells like him (is that weird? It’s probably weird. I’ll embrace it). I pulled out my phone this morning and immediately looked up my style idol- Alexa Chung. Everything she seems to pull off is so effortless. It looks like she just rolled out of bed, happened to find the perfect outfit and threw it on. My life is not this fab. I love how she mixes up menswear with a little bit of a girly touch and really embraces closet staples, like white tees, button ups, and loafers. It might seem boring at first to just collect these kinds of outfit staples but you’re really making your wardrobe much more diverse- and you can start mixing and matching to make your wardrobe appear and feel that much bigger.


found via pinterest


Who are your style idols? Does planning out your outfit for the day make for a less stressful morning? I’d love to hear your tips and thoughts!

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23 thoughts on “BORROWED FROM THE BOYS

    1. aw, well maybe start buying him some things and sneak them into his closet…and then presto- you have more options! That’s usually what I do. 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I definitely will…much to his dismay, probably. I mean…my wardrobe is free game but he may not feel like throwing on ankle boots. ha!

  1. This is such an adorable outfit! I’m definitely a planner! Though I don’t usually try on the outfits the night before, I do choose the pieces the night before. This usually works but sometimes, the pieces just don’t work well together because I didn’t try them on. Have a great week ahead, Jess!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin’

  2. First, so cute! I love this. My biggest goal in attaining a life partner is just to have double the amount of clothes to pick from. 😉 #jknotjk #sorryimnotsorry

    Second, I totally agree about getting those great staples — sometimes when you have TOO MUCH CHOICE your mind goes bananas and you can’t make a single thing work. When you have fewer options then you’re like, ok, is today A, B, or C? BOOM. Done. I’m just now realizing this mantra is so fab as I did my huge closet purge recently. There were so many things I gave away that were cute at the time I bought them but then I never wore them again, and continued sporting the same 3 sweaters I love. Funny!

    C’est la vie, I suppose! 😛

    1. But for real though…ha! It really does help! He always gives me a look when I come out of the bedroom sporting something like a wu-tang tee with a pencil skirt…whoops! And i do cringe a bit when I think back to some of the more random pieces I used to have waaay too much of (like a billion lace tops, ew) just because they were cheap so I bought stuff like that all the time. Now I think really carefully when I buy something- I would rather invest in a high quality pair of trousers from something like Banana or Jcrew instead of 3 pairs of $12 ones from f21 that will fall apart in 6 months.

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