Confession: I’m such a huge worrywart.

Today was really slow and when it’s slow, I tend to start dwelling on things and zeroing in on things I don’t have, or the situations I’m currently in. I heavily criticize myself and am overly empathetic to a fault.

All that being said…I am much better about it today than I was a few years ago. Today a coworker was ending her last day with us, and as I gave her a big hug she shared her first memory she had of me- it was funny, but in a strange way. The first impression I gave this person when they met me was that I was frantically worrying about EVERYTHING and hugely overdramatic. Sometimes I tend to be a little dramatic and silly when I’m upset because it doesn’t make me feel as bad? I guess that’s a coping mechanism I have. This conversation got me thinking about how others perceive me and I know most of my friends (and my husband) would say I worry too much. If there’s anything I learned in my class it was to live in day tight compartments- don’t worry about the past or the future, and if you keep yourself busy you won’t have time to worry.

One of my goals this summer is let go of worry- it doesn’t solve anything, it just makes me feel worse! When other people meet me for the first time I want them to think ” Wow…Jess is really positive and happy!” not ” Oh god, she is FREAKING OUT”. I know it’ll be hard, but I really believe it’ll be worth it.

Do you worry too much? I’d love to hear how you deal with stress and worry.

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12 thoughts on “CONFESSION

  1. I can completely relate to this! I tend to worry a lot about my future, and even about silly little things throughout the day, and I just keep dwelling on it. I just try to remind myself what you mentioned : worrying makes things worse and doesn’t make you feel better at all! Thanks for sharing this ❤

  2. Haha aw no, that first impression story kind of made me giggle. It’s pretty cool to hear how you’ve grown. I’m about as Type B as it gets- literally almost nothing phases or stresses me out. Which makes me curious- what do you actually worry about? It it the uncertainty that gets you? I probably annoy people just as much with my lets-go-with-it attitude as you do with your worrying one, so you’re not alone haha. You’ll irk people no matter what 😉

    xo marlen
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    1. it was kind of ridiculous…ha! I wish I was more type B- my husband is like that and I just don’t understand how he doesn’t really stress about ANYTHING. I think I worry about things that haven’t even happened yet- I will immediately think of the worst scenario and freak out. My parents weren’t the best at teaching me to be positive. My dad said “always expect the worst” well…lol dad. Thanks. Not. Uncertainty definitely gets to me. Now when I catch myself thinking about all these different scenarios I just imagine a huge red stop sign to force myself to stop thinking about it. I think I naturally gravitate towards people like you and my husband to help balance me out!

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