Spring is bloomin’ all around me and gets me real excited for fun hats and light sweaters + skinnies. We are still having some of that in between weather (this morning it was in the 60s!) and on top of my office feeling like a meat locker, I always tend to try and wear something warm anyway.


This pork pie hat is one of my all time favorite accessories. It reminds me alot of Duckie from Pretty in Pink. One time in Little Rock late at night in the bar district I was wearing this hat and I guess a girl complimented it- but I didn’t hear her and she yelled ” I TOLD YOU I LIKED YOUR HAT!” very angrily. I just laughed, mumbled thank you and ran off.

I completed week 1 of my 1/2 marathon training. I want to track how I’m doing so I will provide a quick blurb about each week on Mondays. Y’all. It’s hard.

1/2 Marathon Training, Week One Thoughts

Running 3 days consecutively is harder than I thought. I think at this point my body just isn’t used to it. My 3rd day in my IT band pain flared up again around 1.20 miles in my run. I had to 4 miles that day so I said “NOT TODAY IT BAND, NOT TODAY.” and angrily ran the next few miles with slight pain. I’m stretching more and realizing how truly important it is for my running. After alot of deliberation and planning, I finally bought a bike for myself! I really wanted something different for my cross training days and I couldn’t be more excited. My Trek bike comes in around Thursday and I can’t wait to take it out for a ride! Overall feelings so far in my training: My muscles are sore and I get annoyed having to run right after work but I know it’s worth it. I just hope it gets easier.


I’ll stop blabbing about running for now. I’m really excited that warmer weather is slowly taking over winter’s nasty cold bite- I think I’m definitely a happier person when I can be active outside. Brock and I spent time in Schulertown, which is a fun little food truck/bar court where we tend to people watch and bring Basquiat with us. I’ll take pictures the next time we are down there!



Last but not least, I had to share these fun ankle sandal booties with all of you! They are so comfortable and I get my ankle boot fix in combined with a sandal. The boutique I work for is currently sold out of this boot, but you can find the Endless Thrill boot over at amazon!

How has your week been so far? I would to hear about it!

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