Halfway to Friday…almost there guys! Today I had to show how to pull shorts with ankle boots at work for my work blog, which was fine but today was rainy and gloomy (and has been the past few days unfortunately) so shorts weren’t ideal…


I’m wearing a favorite pair of comfy shorts today one of my favorite patterned tops- polka dots! I like the slight peek of stripes on my blazer paired the polka dots. The boots are also super comfy- I’ve thought about getting them for ages (I have no clue why I still haven’t) but if you’re jonesing for a pair, you’re in luck because we have them online at our site! In case you didn’t know already, I have a slight love affair with ankle boots. I just feel like they are super versatile and depending on the heel they can really make your calves look good!



In other news, on Monday I took my LAST class before graduating my Dale Carnegie course! I’m really excited to have my Mondays back, but I will miss the people I’ve met there. I feel like I at least made some really good connections (and learned a lot of course!). I’m hoping once I have my Mondays back I can get back into some serious half marathon training. I couldn’t do the program I wanted to follow (I track everything with my Nike Running app and it has a coaching program I use) because I usually don’t get home from class on Mondays until 9:30-10…which makes for a reaaaaally long day. I forgot to mention this, but I hurt my right knee when I was running last Saturday so I’ve had to take it down a notch. I know its probably due to the fact that I don’t stretch like I should, but it always seems like a waste of time! But I suppose if I want to run longer distances I really need to suck it up and take at least 10 minutes to stretch.





Tonight I want to clean out my closet (taking a cue from Bliss and Birds) and push back my sweaters and heavier clothing from winter. I feel like this time of the year is the strangest though- one day it’s 40 degrees and the next its almost 75! I suppose some lighter sweaters can stick around for a bit longer. Have you done any spring cleaning yet? How do you store your sweaters in the spring and summer?

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