I love oxfords. There, I said it! Since last year I have been very partial to oxford button ups. I think its an easy way to look put together and its super easy! Going to the office? Throw on a crisp, white oxford (I prefer mine buttoned up all the way, a la Alexa Chung- my fashion idol), skinnies, lipstick, and boots and you’re instantly office appropriate, without sacrificing style. Date night? Easy. Switch out your shoes for a favorite pair of heels, maybe slip into a highwaist skirt and front tuck that oxford- done.


i snagged those ankle boots for a steal at a dillards sale. 20 bucks for a pair of leather sam edelman boots!


As I’ve been getting into my later twenties, I am working on really creating a wardrobe for myself- and I’m learning more than ever that style is truly something one creates personally for themselves- its not about buying whatever happens to be trendy at the moment. Its about wearing what makes you feel like YOU, and what makes you feel best. I want to create classic looks for myself that I can carry into my 30s, 40s, and beyond (yikes!). I’ve made sure to have staples like oxfords, high quality pairs of pants (Banana Republic Sloan you guys…seriously), blazers, white tees- things that I can swap out with other clothing items that can create a completely new outfit. The simpler the better- I think that’s how I’ve come to approach my personal style. I may not have 50 pairs of shoes, but I have a dozen pairs of shoes that were initially expensive to purchase, but they are high quality and I know they will last me years and years- I always make sure to take good care of my shoes and take them to the cobbler when they need to be spruced up a bit! Anyway…I’ll stop rambling now! What’s you personal style? What are some things you have changed over the years as you’ve grown? I’d love to hear all about it!

p.s. I chopped off 3.5 inches of hair this week….so there’s that!

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20 thoughts on “CONFESSION

  1. ooo loving the new ‘do! And I was anti oxford for the longest time, but once I found a pair I liked it all changed for me. I love the ones with the dainty collars like you have- they go so well with just about everything. And I’m right there with you about cultivating a style. i feel like mine keeps changing and it’s kind of confusing as to what I like and what I don’t like. I stopped shopping like a mad woman though- now I only what truly beautiful and long-lasting pieces 🙂

    xo marlen
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    1. Thanks girl! Isn’t it hard? Sometimes I want to buy stuff because its on sale but then I stop and ask myself do I really need it? Is the quality even up to par? The struggle is real.

  2. That’s an amazing deal on those shoes! Score for you! I’m absolutely horrible when it comes to taking care of my shoes. Whenever I drop them off to be repaired I always get astonished/saddened/horrified looks from the cobblers. It’s kind of funny but always expensive. I have to do better with that as I move into my later 20s for sure.


  3. So cute! I have to admit, button ups are not my fav right now (sometimes they don’t fit correctly in certain parts! 😛 ) but I think I should give them a shot and just get them tailored. New adulthood goal!

    1. girl, i know- one time I was at walgreens getting a prescription and was wearing a button up and the button unbeknownst to me, had popped open in the front so I’m sure the pharmacist was like “what is wrong with this girl?!” yikes!

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