The bride made it down the aisle, y’all! She looked beautiful! We did have a bridesmaid mishap in the middle of the ceremony, though. One of the girls on my side must have locked her knees up and she passed out COLD. The guys rushed to grab her and pulled her off to the side while I tried to distract the bride and give her a thumbs up that everything was ok. The bridesmaid took a while to recuperate, but she was fine- more embarrassed than anything, really.



I couldn’t help but take a selfie with this mirror that had the coolest frame. Traveling with a bridesmaid dress wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The material, which I think was a chiffon of sorts helped, because with all the layers it didn’t really wrinkle, and if it did you couldn’t tell. I just rolled that sucker up in my carry-on and it worked like a dream.

It was such a beautiful wedding- the weather could not have been more perfect! Brock and I made friends with the loveliest ladies from Boston back at our hotel (they were not there for wedding we went to) and wanted pictures of us from the wedding so this one we managed to snag. Do you ever cry at weddings? Sometimes I do- mostly when it’s the dad seeing his little girl for the first time. Her dad and father in-law both surprised her and everyone by SINGING TOGETHER! It was so sweet, I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the house. That stuff is emotional, guys. I didn’t cry on my wedding day- I just had the goofiest grin stuck on my face the whole day. Heh!



All that being said- we loved our trip to Austin. It really is such a funky and unique town, and I would love to visit there with more free time. It’s definitely placed itself on our list of places to consider moving to! The food was fantastic, but sadly we never had time to check out Torchy’s! We did get some curryvurst though, which made me super excited. Curryvurst was one of my favorite snacks in Berlin- the restaurant we ordered it at served it with an aioli, which isn’t typical but still good! The trip went by too quickly and I can’t wait to go back and visit!

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12 thoughts on “AUSTIN, PART TWO

  1. Oh the wedding looks beautiful and look at that cake. Glad to hear that the bridesmaid was ok! I’ve not attended very many weddings but the ones I’ve been to have been so lovely, as you said, it’s nice to have everyone together (especially if they don’t get together very much due to logistical problems)!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

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