Wednesday is almost over! The week is halfway to Friday. How has your week been? I feel like mine has felt kind of strange. It feels like it has been both fast and slow. I have my Dale Carnegie leadership class on Mondays and I don’t get home until 9, which makes for a long work day, so I always feel thrown off in the beginning half of my week. I don’t get to spend much time with Brock or do anything until Thursday- weekend.

I’ve been trying really hard to get into my running routine, and it does help that we finally have more sunlight in the evening. Running on a treadmill is SO BORING. I did get pretty winded running outside yesterday, though.

This weekend I want to take it easy and maybe go hiking again and do some DIY stuff around home. I’ve been dying to paint the trim around my door windows since we moved in (almost a year ago…yikes!) and hang some stuff in the living room. What are some of your favorite and easy home DIYs that you’ve done? I just want my house to actually feel like a home…which is asking alot since we don’t own our home yet. We don’t want to buy or build a home until we are in the city/state we finally want to settle in, and Arkansas is definitely not where we want to settle. I have my heart set on the pacific northwest, for some reason.


I hope the rest of your week is lovely! I’d love to hear any of your dream places you’d like to live, as well as any projects you’ve done around the home to make it feel more comfy.

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17 thoughts on “HALFWAY THERE

  1. Love your outfit 🙂 and I know what you mean about running on the treadmill! I find it so hard to run at the gym because I get bored so quickly, and I completely agree- running outside is so much better. I just wish the weather would always cooperate so I can run outside all the time! haha.

  2. Ooo I’ve lived in Seattle for a year! I’m back in Chicago now but I literally miss it- I sometimes get homesick for it. The PNW is so beautiful, I could totally see why you might want to end up there. That’s pretty cool you move around so much- is it for work or are you just trying out new areas?

    And I always find buying nice rugs and curtains helps pep up my apartment into feeling like an actual home. I’d suggest trying that 🙂

    xo marlen
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    1. I know, every time I see photos of the PNW I just want so badly to pack up everything and go! I did move around alot when I was younger, but that was because I was a military brat- my mom was in the Air Force.
      I’ll have to look around for some fun rugs! Its hard keeping those suckers clean when you have 2 cats and a dog and hair is literally EVERYWHERE.

  3. O the joy of decorating a home. We purchased our home last year but up until that point we had always rented. It is without a doubt a bit trickier trying to decorate a rented home and make it feel like your place but not impossible. My best tips would be don’t be afraid of colour, as long as you can paint it back to the original colour when you move, the home owner won’t mind at all. Also wall hangings and bunting on top of cupboards can go a long way. 😉 xx

    1. it is so hard to make a rented house feel like its truly yours! I will definitely make a point of using some bright and happy colors! thanks for the tips. 🙂

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