Don’t you just love having sunnier evenings again? It’s so much better to leave work in the evening when it’s not pitch black. This weekend we had some AMAZING weather- it was almost 72 degrees on Sunday! We loaded up the pup, packed some lunch and headed out to Devil’s Den for some hiking. It was really muddy though, because it had been raining for 2 days straight. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors…but I don’t love the kind of mud that sucks your foot into it. After 45 minutes or so we finished our hike and had to give a muddy dog a bath. I wish I remembered to take photos! I think I was more concerned with Basquiat and his muddy feet.


Brock recently purchased a Jawbone armband for me and I LOVE it. There is something very satisfying about knowing how many steps a day you take. I don’t mind wearing it on my wrist everyday, and I like that it will vibrate to remind me when I’m sitting down or being idle for too long. With warmer weather on the way, I’ve really got to get back into my running routine and work my way back up 6 miles! Any runners out there? What’s your favorite warm weather activity?


I’m excited to consistently wear shorts, flowy tees, and ankle boots! How’s the weather in your area? I hope your Monday has been off to a good start so far!

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