yall. This week has been so strange. we had one snow day, but it was kind of a weird snow day because nothing really came down until later in the day, and it was mostly sleet. The day after the streets were worse but we had to come in to work…I ended up being super busy anyway so it worked out.

Tomorrow Brock and I are headed down to Little Rock (finally!). We are going to visit his family and some friends. One of my all time favorite restaurants in the entire world is in Little Rock- Local Lime! We are going to have dinner there Saturday night. They seriously have the best margaritas I’ve ever had (and well worth the money), and their street tacos are killer. Local Lime is located in the Little Rock Promenade, so there’s good shopping too! I’m hoping to snag some good deals at Jcrew.

Tonight I think we will probably take it easy at home. We are going to stop by the University (where I graduated!) to check out my brother’s senior exhibition. I’m really proud of him- he’s an art major and his print making skills have become so impressive over the past few years. He can be annoying, but I guess thats what little brothers are supposed to be like.

One of my favorite things to do on Friday nights is play board games (forbidden island!) and make a charcuterie plate. I have a pretty small appetite so this is usually one of my go-to dinners when I’m feeling too lazy to really cook up something in the kitchen. My husband complains that I have too much cheese in the fridge (sorry not sorry brock!) but he puts up with it. What are some of your favorite Friday night traditions? I hope you have a great weekend!


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