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Happy Hump Day everyone!

Today we received more wintery weather. It was mostly sleet/ice though, the really yucky stuff, which can quickly send a southern town like Fayetteville in a panic. I took my work home with me and prepared to stay home. Some of my coworkers went in but they quickly shut down later in the morning. My day consisted of website updates and email creatives for work.

Later in the day I tried to venture out and walk (the very annoying hyper dog) Basquiat. He wanted to run like crazy but my boots have zero traction so the walk did not last very long.

IMG_1349 copy

How has your work week been so far? Any winter weather in your area? We’re almost to Friday so don’t give up!

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designer content spending money on cheese, gin and shoes. married to brock elliott. explorer. dreamer. runner. chef. cat lover.

5 thoughts on “SNOWED IN

  1. Love the look of tights under denim shorts! I just did a similar look, it’s been a favorite of mine for ages. And how sweet is your puppy? Luckily (or unluckily since we are in a drought) we have had almost no sign of winter here in LA whatsoever. It’s crazy to see that it is snowing somewhere when the weather is so different over here!

    xox, Maya Beth

    1. Aw, thanks! You’re so sweet. Well, I am definitely jealous of your sunny weather in LA, but I know as soon as summer hits here in July I will hate the humidity..ha! I’ll just enjoy my winter wardrobe until then.

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