Have you ever had those mornings where you have to change a dozen times before you settle on an outfit? You think to yourself “ I have the wardrobe of a bag lady, I hate everything.” It’s the worst! I think the problem for me lately has been the bipolar weather in Arkansas. It’s been beautiful one day, close to 70 degrees, and then we get snow. Another issue is my weight loss over the past year and a half. I lost at least 40 pounds (yowza!) which is great, but at the same time nothing fits. I also feel nervous about getting rid of my older clothes, but my best friend told me I need to. She said “ You don’t need to plan on gaining weight- keep doing what you’re doing, buy new clothes and get rid of those! I also tend to always buy things bigger than I should- which is fine in certain cases but not with everything. Anyway…


When in doubt, raid your husband or boyfriend’s wardrobe. I’m wearing one of Brock’s flannels (sorry brockoli!) and some toasty velvet leggings. LP has decided that this week she is wearing flannel everyday. Nobody at work has noticed this yet, that I know of.




It’s been a slow day at work (my team is so caught up and ahead of things!) so I perused a few of my favorite blogs this morning and while reading Through The Thicket, Kathryn posted a reverse bucket list. It’s a list of things that you are proud of accomplishing- and I definitely agree that people forget to be proud of those things and focus on what they haven’t done (I know I do!). I listed a few here, in no particular order. What are you proud of? Go wish Kathryn a happy birthday and feel free to post something in a comment or link back to your blog! I would love to check your list out.

1. Going overseas to school in Ireland by myself
2. Seeing the small remnants of the Berlin Wall in Germany
3. Visiting Italy with my best friend, Brock
4. Accepting things that happened in the past, shutting the door and moving on (some days are harder than others!)
5. Taking on public speaking
6. Getting married to Brock
7. Adopting the sweetest 3 little fuzzballs in the world (TC, Desmo, and Basquiat)
8. Getting my foot in the door and finally working in the fashion industry
9. Running again
10. Eating better, drinking less
11. Buying my own car
12. Hand lettering a friend’s entire wedding invitation suite
13. Hiking, being more outdoorsy
14. Learning how to manage coworkers
15. Reading books I enjoy because I want to, not because I have to
16. Getting bangs
17. Planning a surprise 30th birthday party for Brock without him finding out!
18. Saving more money
19. Concert hopping
20. Starting a blog again!

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5 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY FLANNEL

  1. this post makes me nostalgic for the upcoming Autumn/winter months here in Australia. Snuggling with my boyfriend’s flannel that smells like clean laundry and him, reading cosy books with good coffee.

    Ps loved your check list, couldn’t agree more on many of the things !

  2. I love the idea of Wednesday flannels! In my old office, we always did Friday Florals. Now between Flannel Wednesday and Friday Floral, almost my whole weekly wardrobe is planned!

    I’m so happy to read your reverse bucket list! It’s so neat to learn little things about people’s lives, but I also like hearing what different people are proud of. It’s such a personal thing. Is it weird if I say that I’m proud of you? Just reading the list, that was the overwhelming feeling that I had. 🙂

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    1. ooh, I like the idea of Friday Florals! Maybe I will convince my coworkers to start that now.

      Thanks for the idea! I think sometimes I am way too hard on myself and telling myself “wow, you haven’t even done this, or so and so did it and you haven’t”, so it was fun writing that list up and reliving some memories. You’re so sweet!

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