Today when I arrived to work, I found out my coworker, Kaylin had an almost identical outfit on as I did! I always think anytime things like that happen it’s really strange…and funny. So we decided pictures had to be taken! I’m a big fan of stripes, and I think there’s nothing more classic or simple than a stripe tee and jeans. It’s definitely one of my go to wardrobe pieces, and I foresee shopping in my future to build up the striped section in my closet.

Every season I feel like I go through phases with certain patterns. One spring you could find me in almost nothing but polka dots. Stripes have been a favorite of mine for a while, even though in the past I used to be intimidated at the thought of wearing stripes. I have abided by one simple rule for wearing stripes:

  • The thinner the stripe, the better. This is especially important when wearing a horizontal stripe. Wearing a horizontal stripe that’s thicker tends to be less flattering on certain figures.

Another important thing to remember- don’t be intimated about adding a different style or pattern to your wardrobe- confidence is the best accessory a girl can have. Coco Chanel knew a good thing when she first saw the Breton striped top from her trip in France and decided if the sailors could wear it, so could women, and they could own it. Check out some of my favorite striped picks below!


check my picks out: 1. factory stripe amelia flats by jcrew factory 2. the canvas satchel in crosswalk stripe by saturday 3. saint james slouchy tee for jcrew 4. french connection winter stripe floral dress by john lewis 5. printed pumps by saturday

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