It’s finally Friday! It’s been one of the long weeks and I am so ready to go home and recharge! Today me and LP wore our favorite Frye boots to celebrate the end of the week! I’m seriously in love with the color of her boots. Mine are super comfy and I love having a pair of Frye ankle boots that I can ideally wear all year.


Today has been very frigid and gloomy outside. Most of the snow has melted but we haven’t really climbed higher than above freezing the past week. The hardest part about this weather is that it makes it extremely difficult for me to get any of my long runs in for the week- and it’s not even just the cold, it’s mostly the fact that the sun goes down by 6:00, and I don’t run after dark. In my Dale Carnegie class we were assigned “procrastination projects” where we finally take on a project we have been putting for a while, and complete it in 5 weeks. My goal is to get back up to running 6 miles comfortably. I know I can do it, but some days it seems impossible. I’m looking forward to the days getting longer and having more sunlight to run with in the evenings, and that should really be helpful.


As you can see in our photos, its pretty gross outside. LP will probably be annoyed that I posted this photo of her trying to be a creep, but she’s not the boss of me! Tonight Brock and I are staying in and cooking up some steaks I picked up from our local butcher. I’m looking forward to a glass of wine and playing scattergories while staying dry and toasty at home. The only other plans we have this weekend is to check out the “Van Gogh to Rothko” exhibit at Crystal Bridges. Do you have any plans for the weekend? Or do you feel like being a couch potato and watching Netflix? Regardless, have a wonderful weekend!

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