We might be halfway through February, but living in the south means that anything could happen as far as weather is concerned. Since I live in the Northwest corner of Arkansas (the best part, duh!) we tend to get semi-regular winter weather, but we’ve hardly had any this year! I was really excited for some snow too, since I bought a Subaru Outback last spring, and it’s so nice to finally have a car that can handle winter weather. Jack Frost finally decided to pay a little visit Sunday night and we got some ice and snow!


Unfortunately, being an adult means you still have to go to work, even when it snows…but my coworkers and I made the best of it! We’ve been getting in a bunch of fun spring clothing so we decided to pick out some favorites from one of the companies we work with, Lucy Love and Buddy Love. [disclaimer: this isn’t a sponsored post- i’m just writing about the clothes and brand because I really enjoy them!] My coworker LP definitely makes my work days more fun and she’s always there for me if I have a bad day! Plus…she’s pretty goofy and we both share a love of trail mix and running.



Normally I’m not a fan of super bright colors (more a neutrals/dark, rich fall colors kind of gal) but once I slipped this little dress on I really liked it! It was super comfortable and didn’t feel too short. In the winter months you can almost always catch me with a beanie or some type of hat mostly because i’m too lazy to do anything with my hair in the morning. whoops! When you have bangs you can’t really sleep with your hair wet at night…or you’ll look like a lion in the morning.


Overall, even though i had to go to work on a snow day, it was still fun! I’m working really hard on being a more positive person in every aspect of my life. If someone pays me a compliment, I need to really not beat myself up and just say “thank you!” If something silly happens at work and another coworker does something, I don’t need to fixate on it and get upset. If I can’t run 3 miles I should still be happy that I went out and ran at all! Being happy doesn’t have to be hard work…but as someone who has been so anxiety ridden and always preparing for the worst it’s been a pretty big change for me! That being said, I am looking forward to these new changes and I’m excited for what this year holds!

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