monday Another weekend has flown by, and it’s Monday already! i’m never a morning person, but Mondays are especially hard for me. I just feel like by the time you have relaxed and finished all of your weekend chores it’s time to go back! geez. This weekend was especially nice, too… For the first time in our almost 6 year relationship, Brock and I were able to spend the whole day together for valentine’s day! well, almost the whole day. I had a bit of a bridesmaid fiasco i had to deal with and spent the better part of an hour with a seamstress trying to figure out how to make a floor length gown not swallow me up. MCmorning While Valentine’s day is definitely a big holiday for retailers, i still think it’s really nice to set a day aside to remind someone “hey, i really love you and care about you alot!”. Brock is a pretty sweet guy and surprised me with flowers from my favorite florist in town, Pigmint. If you’re ever in fayetteville or near, you should definitely check it out. They do the most spectacular work and the flowers last a long time, too. We stopped by Arsaga’s at the Depot ( a local cafe/restaurant) and had brunch which was really delicious. MCevening i’ve also gotta brag on my husband for a minute- he was sneaky enough to keep his valentine’s day purchase a secret (and i’ll admit it, i’m pretty nosey…) and bought me these lovely Frye ankle boots I have been lusting after for the past few months. He may tease me for my growing ankle boot collection but I think he kinda gets it. That evening we spent some time in the backyard with Basquiat (our pup!) with some cocktails and the sweetest little book, Soppy. Brock is a difficult person to shop for but I was able to surprise him with some basketball tickets to see the Razorbacks play this Wednesday! Hopefully it’s a good game…and hopefully I don’t fall asleep watching it. 😉 We received some winter weather overnight so this morning we were surprised to have to deal with ice and snow, which is always a big deal in Arkansas. Right now I’m on my lunch break staring out at my window ready to go home and put on something cozy and watch “Better Call Saul!”. Overall the weekend was great! I hope yours was too. Every Monday I want to reflect and think of the things I dealt with  in the week prior and how to improve any difficult situations I was faced with. I want to take each day for what it is and be happy with it! My goal for this week is to add more enthusiasm to my work days. A wise man once said “Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.” Can’t sweat the small stuff, life is too short!

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designer content spending money on cheese, gin and shoes. married to brock elliott. explorer. dreamer. runner. chef. cat lover.

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