october is truly my favorite month…

there are so many great things about the month of october! the weather finally begins to transition from the sweltering arkansas summer heat (thank god), the leaves begin to change color- it makes the hills look like they are on fire, pumpkin bread, thick knit scarves, wool coats, sweet sweaters and peter pan collars, leather riding boots and flushed cheeks…what’s not to like about it?! halloween is also my all time favorite holiday. it’s one of the few where it’s not based around gifts or family get togethers (ugh)- and i love all of the campy horror movies that play on tv the entire month, the sweets and of course, the costumes.

october is also the month of my wedding anniversary! i’m excited because next weekend brock and i are going on a little anniversary trip to little rock (hopefully someday we can do something like the beach! winky face.) and we are bringing basquiat with us- that’s right, i haven’t even mentioned our newest family member! We adopted our very first dog a month ago, an Australian Cattle Dog. He’s about a year old and we named him Jean Michele Basquiat, one of our very favorite artists. he’s very spunky, energetic and can even give you a high five. i’ll have to remember to take photos of him this week and write up a little post about him!

i think i’ve always fall for a multitude of reasons but i think what’s best about it is change. it always seems that some major life event has taken place around this month and it’s so strange to look back and see how far i’ve come. i don’t quite feel like adult yet, but i’m starting to accept and love myself more everyday, and it’s even better to learn how to do that with my best friend/husband at my side. changes in friendships, family relationships, coworkers…it’s all been for a reason and i’ve learned so much from it. one of my favorite quotes at the moment is by hillary clinton: ” Take criticism seriously, but not personally.” i think that is very difficult for some people- they immediately feel attacked, but if they could step back for a minute, take a deep breath they could learn something new about themselves. i’m very thankful that i’ve learned this in my college years (and still learning!),  after dealing with a difficult situation at work the past 2 weeks, i can only hope that others can learn from this as well.

october is wonderful because it’s not only the beginning of fall, but it’s the perfect time of year for change. whether you’re admiring the bright yellow and red leaves, or picking up a new hobby or leaving an old job for a new one, it’s a great time to evaluate your past year and figure out what changes you can make that are important to you. don’t be afraid of it…embrace it!



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